Withstand The Weather

It’s officially SPRING! You know, the time of year when flowers start blooming again, the sun is out a little longer…and it rains cats and dogs spontaneously throughout the week. However, don’t fret – We have some tricks up our sleeve to help you beat the frizz this season!

Pura Luxe. A fan favorite that we offer at Clean Beauty Boutique is Pura Luxe. Pura Luxe is a non-toxic alternative to Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments. This amino acid-based smoothing treatment will leave your hair frizz-free without the harmful exposure to cancerous fumes.

Want to add Pura Luxe to your haircare routine? Check out their website HERE!

Embrace the Claw Clip. Claw clips have taken over the beauty world and, honestly, it’s about time! This hair accessory will give you an elegant updo without having to do much work at all. Simply wrap your hair around your finger, secure your hair with your favorite claw clip and let your ends fall! Want to take things a step further? Add Hairstory’s Hair Oil beforehand to help sleek back your hair and give it that healthy shine while taming flyaways.

Spring Cleaning. Sometimes the rain we get this season can be a little overbearing. We don’t blame you for refusing to even leave your house for the rest of the day when it’s so rainy outside. You may just want to pour yourself a glass of wine and watch your favorite reality TV show (ours is “Love is Blind,” how about you?). In addition to this self-care time, take the time to clean out your beauty products!

A free app you can download is called, Think Dirty. This app gives you an insider's look at the potentially toxic ingredients found in your beauty products, all with a simple barcode scan. You’ll be surprised to see how the “dirty meter” pans out for your everyday products. Lucky for us, we only use the best-of-the-best products at Clean Beauty Boutique so we don’t have to worry.

Want a fresh-start with some new all-natural beauty products? Check out the “Shop” page of our website HERE!

How are you planning to beat the rain this season? Leave a comment below!

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