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Clean Beauty Boutique Brand Spotlight: Oway (Organic Way)

At the Clean Beauty Boutique, one of the main goals of the salon is to provide a truly luxurious spa experience by using professional products that are organic-based. Enter Oway! 

Oway or “Organic Way” is a company that shares their professional organic hair color, care, and styling line worldwide. The products are created using biodynamic, organic and fair-trade ingredients. 

At Clean Beauty Boutique, we pamper clients with Oway products, which are non-toxic and provide a multi-sensorial experience with active botanicals and pure essential oils. In fact, Oway products are hand-selected by professional green chemists who actively search for the highest quality formulas. This enables us to achieve professional results salon customers have come to expect without the toxicity of chemicals that are infused in most beauty and salon products. 

Furthermore, Oway cares about the health of people and the planet we live on, so products are designed with both in mind from start to finish.

The Oway Mindset—and one we can get behind 100%!

Oway is maintained and manufactured from a small biodynamic family farm in Bologna, Italy, where the quality of Italian-made is coupled with the importance of nature. So, what makes Oway so special? Check out the pillars that Oway stands behind that get us so excited to support this company by sharing it with you at the Clean Beauty Boutique!  

Biodynamic Ingredients

Oway’s farm consists of 50,000 sq. meters of land that is farmed in accordance with the biodynamic method. The ingredients farmed are processed without the use of chemicals and solvents and the company sticks to the three principles of biodynamics:

Maintain soil fertility.

Keep the plants healthy and strong without the use of chemicals.

Produce ingredients of the highest quality that are full of the purest, most active ingredients. 

Green Chemistry

The entire process from start to finish is done naturally. We gather, distill, and bottle the ingredients so that they maintain their properties and integrity. Their products are carefully handled and monitored every step of the way. 

Fair Trade Networks

In addition to maintaining the integrity of the products, Oway aims to improve the world by making informed and ethical purchases that enhance our products and the lives of others.

Currently, Oway has international alliances with Africa, Amazonia, Indochina, and Aboriginal Australia that are included in all their products and support over 800 local communities. 

Sustainable Development

Sustainability is a hot topic that is right up there with organic-based products. At Oway, they take both seriously when producing their beauty line. They use Amber-colored glass and aluminum to package their materials and use no extra packaging in the process. 

They use less material from the onset to minimize waste. Also, all the tubes, bottles, and jars are packaged with the idea of reuse and recycle in mind. 

Did you know amber glass is the safest and most eco-friendly material? It protects and preserves the carefully crafted formulas of the Oway products and is 100% all-natural. 

Holistic Wellness

Oway is both a beauty and head spa. They craft products that are made for the hair, scalp, and mind by infusing them with essential oils that interact with the emotions, senses, and thoughts of people. The full experience of essential oils infused with the Oway products gives each person a full wellness experience.

Why do we choose products like Oway in our salon?

It speaks to our passion for clean beauty while also being actively involved in creating products that are better for the environment, right down to the packaging. It speaks to our desire for ingredients that nourish our bodies while achieving the salon styles and colors we love. Oway offers a wide range of options, from their multiple product lines to their 95 permanent, ammonia-free shades of color. 

There is nothing that the clean, pure ingredients used in Oway can’t do for your look. Clean Beauty Boutique uses Oway throughout the salon and offers customers a chance to purchase their own favorite Oway products. Come check it out at the salon today and see the difference Oway is making, one bottle, jar, or tube at a time!  

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