MICROLINES by Hairdreams

Extension Spotlight: MICROLINES by Hairdreams

Whether you have thin, thinning, or advanced hair loss, you will find the solution with MicroLines by Hairdreams. This method is designed specifically to give people with thin hair along the crown their natural fullness back. 

How does this system work?

Micro-fine, almost invisible threads with real-grade hair are worked into the client’s existing hair. The added hair matches the client’s hair in color, structure, and length to create a seamless integration. The result: The most natural-looking hair of hair that hides any hint that you may be thinning. 

A special bonding ring is used to gently and steadily work the extensions into your hair.

This naturally adds volume to your crown area that lasts for 6-8 months. Why do hairdressers love the MicroLines system? This system was created to perfectly adapt to each client’s specific situation. No thin, thinning, or advanced hair loss situation is ever the same. With these extensions, you will receive a customized solution with thick, gorgeous hair. 

This is a one-of-a-kind solution designed by Hairdreams to create volume for any case of thinning hair. 

Hairdreams Microlines are Available and Ready for You at Clean Beauty Boutique! 

We hope our doors will be open soon, but whenever they are, we have the Microlines system ready for clients looking to thicken their hair. While the bonding ring is attached in every scenario, each extension session we do is unique to your situation. 

We will do a consultation first and determine how we will go about adding your Microlines. Just like with any extension service, your entire consultation and session will be customized to meet your needs and make you feel as comfortable and confident in your decision as possible. 

Feel Beautiful on the Inside and the Outside

While we know confidence comes from inside, we also know how difficult it can be to look in the mirror and see a shadow of what you once looked like. Our hair is the crown atop our head, and we all want it to be a shining crown. Do not let thinning hair stop you from rocking the tresses that you deserve.

With Microlines by Hairdreams, you will feel confident and beautiful and wonderful in the hair you were always meant to have. 

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