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Clean Beauty Boutique Brand Spotlight: Loma

Loma is spearheaded by David Hanen, a man dedicated to the art and beauty of hair. 

Loma is sustainable and renewable beauty. Loma is American made. Loma has the seal of approval from Clean Beauty Boutique and we can’t wait for you to see just why we love these amazing products! 

The products made by Loma are sourced, formulated, manufactured, and filled by the company itself. In fact, all ingredients and raw materials are thoroughly researched to ensure there are no traces of harmful materials. 

David Hanen—an innovator of clean beauty

When we bring products into the salon, we research hard on the background of the company and the efforts that go into making a product that is truly clean. David Hanen is recognized as one of the most innovative creators of pure, sustainable beauty products.

Loma IS naturally inspired and organically infused—just like their tagline suggests!

This core belief has led Loma to create formulas that consistently use fresh and natural ingredients. As technology shifts and products change, Loma shifts and change their ingredients to match. Loma is honest in their statement of providing products that are “organically infused”. You will never hear David Hanen and his team say a product is 100% organic, but they work hard at Loma to find the purest, rawest materials to add to products and keep it as close to 100% as possible.

Feel safe and secure when you use Loma products

We feel amazing when we use Loma and we feel confident in telling our clients to turn to Loma for their hair care as well. At Clean Beauty Boutique, we set the bar high when it comes to sharing products in our salon. Loma was welcomed with open arms because they offer a multitude of reasons for the clean beauty community to say YES!

Loma is PETA certified

Loma is cruelty-free and Vegan-friendly. In fact, 24 of Loma’s products are completely Vegan 

Products are NEVER tested on animals and only two products contain a small trace of beeswax obtained in a safe and environmentally friendly way

Aloe vera is the number one ingredient in 99% of Loma’s products. In fact, Loma was the first professional haircare brand to use aloe vera as its base nearly 30 years ago

Sulfate-free for nearly 30 years

Paraben-free for nearly 15 years

Loma products are also gluten, soy, and sodium chloride free

Loma is a trend-setter in the organic beauty industry

With aloe vera, Loma has become the trend-setter in the beauty industry. Aloe vera is naturally healing and creates the base for most Loma products. Why is this so important? The aloe vera in the products allows them to naturally nourish, moisturize, soothe, and heal your scalp and hair. 

In addition, Loma is EU compliant, which means they are upfront with consumers on what their products contain. Every single ingredient is listed on the label. There is no guesswork—Loma wants consumers to know what they are using on their hair. In fact, any “fragrances” used in the products are derived directly from pure essential oils and aromatic botanical extracts. Consumers will never just see the word “fragrance” on the bottle because Loma lists each botanical extract that is used directly on the label. 

Quality. Renewable. Sustainable

As a company, Loma is determined to provide clean products that are ethically and locally sourced. Loma is made in the USA from products that are carefully blended in our own facilities. They guarantee quality work because they do everything in-house

Additionally, Loma aims to maintain sustainability. Their packaging is recyclable and requires a minimum of 25% post-recyclable plastic in the bottles. In fact, their manufacturing facility creates minimal waste because everything that can be recycled is. 

Looking for healthier hair? We have you covered.

At Clean Beauty Boutique, we believe that your best hair comes from using the best products on the market. We’ve done the leg work so you can enjoy products you can rely on. Our research into Loma and all they have to offer results in healthier and happier scalps, skin, and hair. 

Come into the salon and let us show you what Loma can do! We have all the essential products you need to create a hair care routine that is clean beauty approved.

Call us today to book a consultation or appointment. Ask about Loma products, benefits, and more!

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