Its Official, We've Entered The Season Of Static!

Its official! We have entered the season of static!

During these cold and dry winter months, it is common to deal with an excessive amount of static in our hair. It’s annoying, we totally get it! So, let’s talk about what causes those strands to be staticky and what you can do to control them.

A main reason why our hair gets a little crazy from static is due to the lack of moisture in the air. With everything being drier in the winter, adding a humidifier in your home is a great way to add back the moisture that is lost.

Here is what you can do to combat those annoying fly-a-ways:

  • Moisturize! During this time of year, your hair needs additional moisture. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to rehydrate your hair. We recommend All Nutrient’s Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner, paired with the Protein Complex intensive treatment for a deep condition. Ask your stylist how often you should be using the deep conditioner on your hair!

  • Avoid products containing alcohol! This is a must! Alcohol and sulfates found in hair products will dry your hair out even more, causing the ends to become brittle and damaged.

  • Hairspray will be your friend! We all love a good hairspray but a little bit goes a long way. A trick you can do is spray a light amount on a brush before brushing through your hair. The hairspray helps to keep those fly-a-ways down and stay in place.

  • Shine Serum! Have you tried adding a small amount of oil into your hair routine? We are obsessed with All Nutrient’s Shine Serum! It is perfect for adding extra hydration to your ends to keep them styled and smooth. Plus, it adds shine for a healthy glow and smells great! Bonus tip, apply a small amount on damp hair before blow drying to protect against the heat from your hot tools!

  • Give your hair a break from the heat! Using hot tools often actually dries out your hair, especially without the proper products and heat protectant. If possible, try giving your hair a break during the week. Check out the salon’s social medias for heatless styling videos!

  • Invest in a silk pillowcase! These have a ton of benefits for not only your hair but your skin as well. They reduce the amount of static compared to a traditional cotton pillowcase, and reduce breakage on your hair!

For the month of February, we are offering a Blowout Special on Fridays for $45! Come relax with an essential oil infused warm towel, treatment of your choice, signature shampoo and scalp massage. Followed with a voluminous blowout and style. This is the perfect way to eliminate staticky hair with a customized style that will last you for the whole weekend! Visit our website to schedule a blowout session with your stylist!

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