Product + Styling Spotlight: Hairstory New Wash

Hairstory is a NEW way to approach your haircare. A better way. See, for decades, we have been following the same wash, rinse, repeat cycle for our hair. While shampoo cleans your hair, it over-cleans and strips, which is why we use conditioner, which moisturizes to fix the damage your shampoo did. 

These extreme poles of hair washing are what leaves your hair feeling less than wonderful. Enter Hairstory: New Wash. New Wash enables your hair to flourish and comes in three different formulas that will have you ditching your old shampoo and conditioner so fast. 

What really happens when you use shampoo?

Cleansers like shampoo rely on molecules that attract oil and water (amphiphilic substances), such as detergents. Detergents attach to anything oily and also attach to water. As you work the shampoo into your hair, the detergents in the product grab the oil on the hair and the scalp. As you rinse the shampoo, the detergent attaches to the water and carries the oils away with it. 

Sounds great in theory, but not so much. The problem is that detergents attach to ANYTHING oily, even the oils your body needs for protection. Without these oils, your hair can be easily damaged from heat, chemicals, and friction. Your scalp is also vulnerable to irritation. Your glands respond by overproducing oil which then results in greasy hair and a vicious, never-ending cycle for your unhealthy hair. 

The New Wash difference for your hair + scalp

New Wash also uses amphiphilic substances to clean, but they are extremely different than the detergents in your typical shampoo. Like the detergents, these attract anything oily. However, they have a weaker attraction to water.

What does this mean for your hair? When you rinse your New Wash out, the molecules carrying oils that are loosely attached to your hair are carried away, but the molecules that grab onto firmly attached oils stay put. These molecules that stay behind are ultra-hydrating for your hair, which is why you do not need conditioner with New Wash. 

The science behind Hairstory’s New Wash has created a hair cleanser that cleans and conditions all in one. It’s genius and much better for your hair and scalp. 

The antidote to traditional shampoo! 

New Wash put Hairstory on the map with three different options

  • New Wash: just right for most hair types

  • New Wash Deep: deeper cleansing for oily types

  • New Wash Rich: extra moisture for drier types

New Wash treats hair delicately and helps to restore it to its natural state. It conditions when and where it is needed and leaves color where it belongs. It also makes conditioning irrelevant—so save yourself a step in the shower!

It may take some time for New Wash to begin working on your hair, but don’t give up! 

Depending on the damage your hair has endured, getting it back to its natural state could take some time. You may go through periods of irritation or oil overproduction. It could take you one wash or an entire month of washing, but eventually, your hair will be softer, shinier, fuller, and overall—healthier. 

Why do we love Hairstory at Clean Beauty Boutique? 

It cleans the hair the way your hair SHOULD be cleaned and without all the harmful detergents that are causing you to possibly have scalp and hair issues. New Wash leaves behind the right conditioning agents in exactly the right places.

With proper massaging, combing through, and a good, thorough rinse, your hair will wow you with its beautiful, silky smooth tresses. 

Hairstory also offers an entire line of styling products, such as

  • Hair Balm

  • Dressed Up

  • Undressed

  • Lift

  • Wax

  • Powder

Thanks to the success of New Wash, Hairstory’s other products are being greatly discussed in the clean beauty community. Most products are vegan (with the exception of Wax) and many are even gluten-free. Hairstory products are here to help us love what we’ve spent years hating—our hair. 

If you find your hair to be untamable, unmanageable, or lacking in health and vibrancy, Hairstory products can make a huge impact on your outlook! To order Hairstory online visit

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