Hair today, Gone tomorrow.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Emotional Toll of Hair Loss 

The way our hair curls, the way it shines, the way it flows, and the way we wear it says a lot about the person we are and how we project ourselves to others. Hair is a very personal thing; it is a large part of our identity and how we view ourselves. It is a large part of how others see us. And that is extremely important.

So, when we lose our hair, we tend to lose a very vital part of ourselves. This is especially true for women.

While hair loss is a struggle for both men and women, it has been shown through extensive research to be even more psychologically damaging for women. In fact, one study showed a staggering 52% of women felt distressed with their hair loss compared to 27% of men. In that same study, it was determined that that same staggering number only increased in the category of physical attractiveness. The takeaway: Both men and women experience hair loss, but they experience it in very different ways. 

The emotional toll experienced from hair loss can create a spiral of issues.

Hair loss affects the quality of life and can drive a wedge in personal relationships, work, school, and other daily activities. Hair loss can be a side effect of many different symptoms, and the emotional toll it takes on people can cause symptoms as well. Physicians treating people for hair loss often must look at a myriad of problems, includingFatigueWeight gainDepression

Hair loss adversely affects your confidence levels

People experiencing hair loss will tell you that it changes their life. They lose their sense of style and social confidence because they have lost a piece of their identity. Hair is just the outward appearance of those emotions. Many people feel a loss of self-worth and psychological issues can start to plague their life, causing strife in daily activities. 

At Clean Beauty Boutique, we want to make you feel like your best you, no matter what your hair situation is. 

Finding a hair salon and a stylist you trust can make all the difference in how you deal with your hair loss. At Clean Beauty Boutique, we work with our clients to find a solution to styling their hair loss so that they feel more confident in their own skin. We educate our clients and help them find hairstyles that make their hair look fuller and hide signs of hair loss. In addition, we can help with product selection and even offer extension options that can fill in hair loss areas. This can make a world of difference for clients and allow them to feel their best in their skin. Correcting hair loss can result in confidence, less stress, and overall happiness with the way you look and feel. Hairstylists at Clean Beauty Boutique restore life and light to our clients’ hair, no matter their situation. There is always a solution that can be made and always a way for us to help you in your struggle with hair loss. 

Schedule a consultation or reach out to us with questions on how we can transform your situation by finding a solution. 

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