Gloss vs. Glaze

Which do you prefer: Gloss or Glaze? And, no, we are not asking about your preference in doughnuts! Gloss hair treatment and glaze hair treatment may sound similar, but they are very different and each serve their own unique purpose. Let’s figure out which hair treatment may be in your future the next time you stop into Clean Beauty Boutique!

Do you want to add a little extra pizazz to your hair without having to make any major changes to your current cut or color? A gloss hair treatment may be just what you need! A gloss treatment is the perfect “pick me up” that adds just the right amount of shine to your hair without altering anything else about it. Besides adding a healthy shine, you may want a gloss treatment because of its power to add longevity to your newly dyed hair. Either way, you’re going to feel like a new person when you walk out of our salon, without having to actually change a thing!

Do you think you may need some deeper nourishment than a gloss? Maybe you have unwanted hairtones starting to develop from your most recent hair dye, or you have frizz-prone hair and want to prepare for the summer humidity? Then, a glaze hair treatment will be your secret weapon! A glaze treatment naturally cancels out any unwanted hairtones to bring the perfect color balance back into your hair. It also helps tame any flyaways and reduces frizz. Sounds like a “double win” to us!

Whether you pursue a gloss treatment or a glaze treatment, you really can’t go wrong! Both treatments are temporary and non-committal, so they will fade completely on their own. However, a glaze treatment only lasts up to a week whereas a gloss can last up to four weeks.

So, what are you waiting for? Add of gloss treatment or a glaze treatment to your next Clean Beauty Boutique visit now!

Which do you like most: Gloss or Glaze? Leave a comment below!

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