Extensions, The Investment Behind Your Beautiful Hair.

Extensions: The Investment Behind Your Beautiful Hair

When it comes to extension services, there are so many out there for you to try, but not all extensions are created equal. At Clean Beauty Boutique, we offer various methods of extensions so that you can feel more confident and beautiful with a gorgeous mane of hair. Extension services vary in price point depending on the type of extension service you get and the amount of hair you have put in.

Good hair isn’t cheap and performing these services isn’t cheap either. 

See, when it comes to having the best extensions, your investment is just as large as the investment your stylist put into being able to give you those big, beautiful locks. Before you write off extensions as being “too expensive” or “a frivolous waste of money”, let’s explore why they are so pricey. 

Your stylist poured everything they had into learning extension services.

As stylists, we devote a lot of time outside of the salon gaining certifications in specific methods of extension services. We put our own money into learning how to provide our clients with the best extension services in the industry. In fact, a single extension class can cost us anywhere from $600-$3000.

Being certified in hand-tied extensions means your stylist cared enough to learn about the best methods for your hair. Hand-tied extensions are the most comfortable and undetectable method of putting extensions on a client. The wefts of hair are bound using beading and then hand-tied to your hair. They cause the least amount of damage and use minimal points of contact in your hair.

Why choose a certified hand-tied extension expert for your services?

Hand-tied extensions may be the most expensive on the market starting around $1000 and going up in price. However, the money you are putting into your mane is as much of an investment as your stylist put in to be able to provide this service.

Choosing another method of extensions that is “cheaper” could end up in disaster for your hair, a loss of money, and a hit on your self-confidence. Cheaper versions can result in

Hair that doesn’t last long. Hand-tied extensions easily last for 8-9 months and still look and feel great, while cheaper extensions may only last 4-5 months and look worse for wear.

Cheap hair coated in silicon, which initially makes the hair look smooth and shiny, but quickly changes color as the silicon fades and chemical reactions take place. The hair rapidly becomes matted, frizzy, and shrinks. 

A color disaster for your hair! The color fades awkwardly, can pull through pink/purple when being rooted or toned, and can be a headache to color match to your hair. 

Extensions are an investment, but you’ll love your new locks. 

Choosing hand-tied extensions will result in great quality hair that lasts a long time. Your investment will be well worth the 9 months of beautiful hair. You’ll know you are putting your money into a service that is provided by an amazing, talented stylist with experience and a genuine concern for your outcome. Your hair will remain healthy and vibrant with extensions that enhance your appearance. 

Treat your investment with care. 

Stylists, like those at Clean Beauty Boutique, invest time, money, and sleep to ensure you have an amazing extension experience. Take time to treat the process, time, and care of your extensions the same way. When you choose a high-end service, such as hand-tied extensions, expect it to be an investment in your confidence and reflection. 

We’ll help you love what you see in the mirror—we’ll help you make sure your investment is worth every penny! 

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