Why I Created My Own Lane.

The Story & Face Behind Clean Beauty Boutique

Hey all! I’m Sheli, the face and mastermind behind Clean Beauty Boutique, an organic-based salon I am opening this summer in New Lenox, Illinois.

I never envisioned myself opening my own salon, and yet here I am.

Why did I choose Clean Beauty Boutique?

The idea behind the salon came to me in the shower one day—no joke! When Clean Beauty Boutique came to me, I knew it was perfect because the message was clear. This space would be used to promote, educate, and share the importance behind using clean beauty products. For years, I spent time researching products and investing my time in learning the good and bad of the beauty industry. And trust me, there is a LOT of bad in it!

Where did this all stem from? I’ve lived organically for most of my life. As a child, my mom cultivated a non-toxic lifestyle for me. I have vivid memories of trekking 45 minutes just to get to the nearest Whole Foods to pick up our groceries, as well as local co-ops. I learned what to look for in my food and adapted that into products and habits in my daily lifestyle.

There is a gap in the market, and I want to close that.

Locally, there are very few, if any, organic-based salons. Clean Beauty Boutique will be the first of its kind located in New Lenox, Illinois and be available to serve the surrounding communities as well.

In the salon, I will focus on offering hair extensions and organic color. I’m also going to be focusing on educating the public on the necessity of using clean beauty products. Customers will be able to purchase hand-selected organic-based beauty products right in the salon.

I never envisioned myself opening my own salon, and yet here I am.

I did not always want to open a salon. In fact, I have been a hairstylist for 20 years and have been content with perfecting my craft by investing in classes and seminars. I specialize in organic hair color and hair extensions, which are my favorite service to give because they are so transformative.

Why are we here? Because people, you need to stop using toxic chemicals on your skin and hair(I say that lovingly)! The need for an organic-based beauty salon in the area coupled with my passion for a clean lifestyle led me down this path. This sometimes frustrating, incredibly rewarding path.

Look for an opening date in late June or early July

The startup of a salon is messy business! Between permits, demolition, product approvals from companies, and more, my opening date has been shoved back further than anticipated. In the meantime, you can join me on the blog and follow progress on social mediaas I ready the salon for opening day! I am excited to share my passion of clean beauty and hair services. The waiting game has been a challenge, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

You can follow Clean Beauty Boutique on Instagramto see updates on products I will be carrying and the progress on the salon as we near opening day! Check back on the blog for regularly for posts on trends, educational insights, and more within the clean beauty industry.

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