Clean vs. Conventional

Methylisothiazolinone. Phthalates. Polyethylene Glycols. Formaldehyde.

Did your eyes just glaze over those five words like mine did? I don’t blame you. However, that must mean that you’re doing the exact same thing when you’re at the convenience store stocking up on your next hair product. The eye-catching branding makes the product look too good to be true that it’s in your shopping cart before you can finish saying the word, “methylisothiazolinone!”

Let us show you three clean, organic substitutions for common ingredients in most conventional hair products...

Sulfates vs. Patchouli: Many hair products rely on sulfates to get rid of dirt & excess oil on the scalp. Although this sounds harmless, sulfates are extremely toxic not only to our hair but to the environment, as well. Sulfates can result in hair frizziness and are harmful to aquatic life when washed out in the shower.

We recommend you look for a product that uses patchouli instead! Patchouli is a beautiful species of flowering plant that originates from Southeast Asia and naturally aids in the reduction of excess oil. In addition, it restores hydration to the scalp, which is great for those who experience mild dandruff.

Polyethylene Glycol vs. Tapioca Starch: Another ingredient commonly used in conventional hair products is polyethylene glycol. In hair products promising to thicken hair, 9 times out of 10 you'll see polyethylene glycol listed on the ingredient label. However, this ingredient leaves major damage on the scalp that can create long-term negative effects on your hair.

For that same hair-thickening result, let us introduce you to cassava root! Cassava root is a root vegetable native to Brazil that thickens hair without the heavy, unpleasant, greasy feeling.

Phthalates vs. Cablin Oil: The last ingredient we are putting to the test is phthalate --- An ingredient used to promote product fragrance in your hair. Next time you look at a product's branding glorifying its "everlasting scent," take a double-take at the ingredient list. If you see cablin oil listed, you're in good hands! Cablin oil enhances the fragrancy brought in by the other natural ingredients within the product, without the harsh chemicals.

Now, we understand that this new information may be a bit overwhelming, but we are here to help! Stop into our boutique because we always have our favorite clean, organic-based hair products for sale on our shelves! We, also, hope it’s comforting to know that every time you sit in our salon chair, we only treat your hair with natural hair products!

How has making the switch to clean hair products positively changed your hair? Leave a comment below!

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