5 Hair Trends We Would "Swipe Right" or "Swipe Left" On

Love is in the air! ...or is that just the smell of hairspray? Either way, love, specifically self-love, is a major theme this month with Valentine’s Day. Let’s hear what our Clean Beauty Boutique team has to say about the top 5 hair trends that have either stolen our hearts, or which we would totally leave “on read.”

1. Hairstory Powder. An instant match! Hairstory products truly make you feel your best -- inside and out! Hairstory’s Powder is made with all-natural ingredients to give you the voluminous, textured hair of your dreams, without the harsh detergents that cause scalp and hair issues. Not only is this product a miracle worker, but it’s also so easy to use!

Interested in getting your hands on this “irresistible” product? We don’t blame you. Purchase it HERE!

2. Toxic Products. Do not be “catfished” by your products! Although some product branding may seem desirable on the outside, they are not what they seem on the inside. It’s a major “red flag” when you try to read the ingredients of your product and can barely pronounce half of the list. Not only can these ingredients lead to scalp and hair issues in the future, but the chemicals released harm the environment, as well. This is why Clean Beauty Boutique’s team only uses organic-based products on our clients!

3. Extensions, Extensions, Extensions! Hair extensions are definitely the “diamond in the rough” of the beauty community. It’s no secret that they are an investment and need to be properly maintained. However, they serve as the perfect confidence boost!

Not only do our clients leave the boutique with beautiful hair that fits perfectly with their unique hair type, but they comment on how they feel like themselves again. To us, that’s the biggest compliment we could ever receive. The Clean Beauty Boutique team understands the struggles of hair loss, which is why we pride ourselves in natural hair replacement options.

Sound too good to be true? Book a free consultation HERE!

4. Overtone & Semi-Permanent Hair Dye. If these two slide into your DMs, do not hesitate to “ghost.” Being almost impossible to remove, this is a hairstylist’s worst nightmare! We know it may be tempting to experiment with DIY projects, especially during this time of quarantine, but try to fight the urge. Although you may justify this decision by saying “hair grows back,” it can still leave long-lasting damage on your scalp and hair.

5. Face-Framing Highlights. We have fallen head-over-heels for this up-and-coming trend! Whether you want a bold hot pink face frame, or a natural blonde highlight, this “E-Girl” look is a great way to add a pop of color into your life, without the big commitment of dying your whole head.

What hair trends would you “swipe right” or “swipe left” on?

Leave a comment below!

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