5 Hair Secrets to Cultivate Confidence!

Happy March! Or, should we say, happy Women’s History Month! This month is all about celebrating our fellow hardworking gals and the contributions women have made in our history. Therefore, we want to celebrate YOU, our female-dominated clientele, and create an uplifting “girls supporting girls” advice corner full of hair tips & tricks from no other than our amazing Clean Beauty Boutique team!

Our goal is to have you start each day with the confidence to take on the world. Therefore, check out these 5 hair secrets our team absolutely swears by!

1. Dry shampoo (specifically our personal favorite, Hairstory’s Powder) is a total life savor, and it’s way more versatile than you may believe. Not only does dry shampoo do its job of soaking up any excess oils from your hair, but it extends the life of any hairstyle, adds texture, helps updos hold up throughout the day and trains your hair to go longer between washes -- The limit is truly endless! Not to mention, it performs all of this while maintaining a healthy scalp!

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2. Speaking of dry shampoo, timing is everything! Want to fit a workout in your day, but don’t have a lot of time to shower afterwards? Put dry shampoo on your hair before the workout! It will absorb any oil and sweat to save you a few extra minutes in the shower. Have to be at an important meeting the next morning, but don’t think you have the time to fix your hair up beforehand? Put dry shampoo on before bed! From just naturally moving around in your sleep, your head rubbing against your pillow will activate the product and leave you literally saying, “#IWokeUpLikeThis,” with picture-perfect hair!

3. Treat yourself to a blowout! Self care days are the best days in our book here at Clean Beauty Boutique. Not only will your hair be a voluminous masterpiece afterwards, but it will be professionally cleaned beforehand. Therefore, you’re left walking out the door not only looking good, but feeling good. Plus, Clean Beauty Boutique hosts frequent blowout specials!

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4. Want to try adding volume to your hair at home? Next time you’re blow drying your hair, grab the first two-inches of hair starting at your hairline and blow dry them straight down towards your face. This quick and easy technique will leave you feeling ready to take on the day with the perfect bouncy front pieces!

5. Sleep in a high bun when you have extensions! This is the perfect way to wake up with effortless waves, and it’s completely heatless!

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What hair tip & trick do you swear by? Share it in a comment below!

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