3 Steps to Beach-Ready Hair!

Spring break is a time for kicking back, catching some rays and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Let your hair be the least of your worries with these simple, yet absolutely stunning 3 steps to make sure your hair is always beach-ready!

1. Create easy, heatless beach home! The sun’s UV rays are already adding heat to your hair, so why add more? Give your hair a breather and ditch the curling iron! Simply let your hair air dry in a high bun while it’s damp to create perfect, effortless beach waves. Tip: The more buns you divide your hair into, the tighter and bouncier the waves!

2. Keep that Mermaid hair lasting all day! A trusty product our Clean Beauty Boutique team loves to rely on is Hairstory’s Undressed Texturing Spray. Undressed is made of all-natural ingredients including aloe vera leaf juice, rosa damascena water and acacia senegal gum. One ingredient it doesn’t contain, however, is salt --- a main ingredient found in other texturing sprays that leave your hair dry, gritty and even crunchy. Unlike other texturizing products, Undressed leaves your hair soft and voluminous as it magically keeps every hair wave in-tact. The best can be used on any hair type! Be the mermaid you are and swim freely with your fishy friends without releasing any harsh chemicals into the water!

So, what are you waiting for? Add Hairstory’s Undressed Texturing Spray to your beach bag by purchasing it HERE!

3. Post swim fix-up! Last, but certainly not least, you can’t find any of our Clean Beauty Boutique teammates at the beach without a hair brush --- More specifically, a gentle hair brush that detangles your hair without the breakage typically associated with regular brushes and combs. A classic go-to for any hair stylist is Wet Brush. Wet Brush is made up of ultra-soft bristles that are gentle on your scalp and glide through tangles pain-free. Having this item on hand is a total lifesaver for taking care of those post-swimming knots and tangles!

What’s your go-to Spring Break look? Leave a comment below!

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