3 Favorites from Innersense Organic Beauty

Let’s play a game... Think of your dream hair product line. But, here’s the twist — It can only have two of these three qualities: Clean, Pure or Beautiful. Which two would you pick?

It is disappointing that many hair product lines typically cannot sustain these three qualities simultaneously. When you look past the flashy branding, you will find that they seem to lack one of these key qualities. However, what if I told you that you didn’t have to choose? You could have all three with just one hair product line! Which brings us to the topic of this month’s blog… Let us introduce our newest salon product line: Innersense Organic Beauty!

Innersense Organic Beauty’s promise is, “Clean chemistry, radical transparency and a commitment to the environment.” After hearing that, we knew this was a product line we needed in our boutique. Fall in love with your hair again by choosing products that leave both your hair and our planet feeling good!

Let’s take a dive into three of our Clean Beauty Boutique favorites from Innersense Organic Beauty!:

1. I Create Lift Volumizing Foam. This volumizing foam is for all hair types and contains key ingredients such as aloe vera for hair strength, honey for moisture, sugarcane for hold and pumpkin seed oil for hydration. This is the perfect pick-me-up for your hair during a style session because it adds immediate volume and body to your hair!

Need this volumizing foam in your life? Purchase it HERE!

2. Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. This lightweight detangling spray is, also, for all hair types and contains key ingredients such as tamanu oil for hair softness, organic rice proteins for strength, rosemary oil for hair growth, honey for moisture, lavender for healing, rooibos tea for anti-aging and oregano for scalp stimulation. Simply spray your hair with this product post-wash and watch the magic happen!

Seriously, though — This leave in conditioner does EVERYTHING. Add it to your beauty routine by purchasing HERE!

3. Quiet Calm Curl Control. This styling lotion is recommended for people with naturally curly waves and contains key ingredients such as shea butter for moisture, orange flow oil for curl definition, rooibos tea for anti-aging and rice brain oil and oat kernel extract for frizz control. Still not sold on this product? It was named as the “go-to cream” by Oprah Magazine! If Oprah swears by it, then what are you waiting for?

Take back control over your curls and purchase this product HERE!

Just like all things in life, we want you to feel confident about your product decisions. Let us prove to you how amazing Innersense Organic Beauty truly is! Next time you come into Clean Beauty Boutique, ask your stylist to use an Innersense Organic Beauty product on your hair! Book your next hair appointment HERE!

Which of the three products will you be adding to your shopping cart? Leave a comment below!

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