2021 Fall Hair Trends

Updated: Sep 30

It’s that time of year again! A time for layering on warm sweaters, going apple picking with your loved ones & drinking as many pumpkin spice lattes as humanly possible!

Now, you want your hair to match the vibe of Fall, too? We’ve got you covered.

Check out the 2021 Fall hair trends our Clean Beauty Boutique team has been scoping out just for you!:

1. Low-maintenance, darker tones. With everyone’s lives being generally busier going back to school and such, having low-maintenance color that will grow out softly will be your best friend. Shadow roots are one of our favorite tricks to do just that! Not only do shadow roots make your hair a bit darker for the autumn season, but it adds beautiful dimension to your current color.

If you have bright summer blonde hair that you would like to darken a bit, try toning it into a golden honey blonde or adding dimensional caramel color. This will give you the perfect amount of “warmth” to any crisp autumn afternoon!

Sound like something you may be interested in? Book a Specialty Color appointment HERE!

2. Make blonde work in the Fall! Contrary to popular belief, just because things get darker in the Fall doesn’t mean that your hair has to, as well. According to The Zoe Report, we have nine blonde hair colors that are going to be huge hits this season! Some of our favorites from the article are: Buttery Champagne Blonde, Strawberry Blonde & Mushroom Blonde.

Eager to try out one of these trends? We recommend you book a consultation with us first! And, don’t’s always complimentary! Book your free consultation HERE!

3. Braids & Hats! Never underestimate the power of styling! Hair accessories are the perfect addition to any outfit, but are often overlooked. We dare you to try adding a cute beanie or hair scarf to your outfit this season! Not an accessory person? Step outside of your comfort zone and add a braid or two to your hair! We promise that you’ll be the best pick in the whole pumpkin patch!

What Fall trend are you hopping on this season? Leave a comment below!

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